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Training Plans

Getting yourself to the finish line is one thing, but challenging yourself to be the best you can be – that’s next level thinking. In OCR, more so than other sports, variety in training is the key to improving your performance. Training and building endurance, total body strength, mobility, agility and building a strong “mental game” is part of a winning formula. Spartan Pro Team Member & Masters World Champion Heather Gollnick has built a comprehensive training plan that will take your training and performance to the next level. From beginner to elite we offer pre-built and fully customized training plans that fit your lifestyle.

Training to compete in an obstacle course race is different than training for other events. Good grip strength is fundamental to completing obstacle courses without failing. Core strength is required to get your body over, around and along walls, and a good running pace is key to keeping good time between obstacles. Obstacle courses offer a unique challenge, so your training must be unique as well. My goal is to provide you with a comprehensive plan that will build your strength, agility, and confidence in your ability to cross the finish line with a sense of accomplishment.


Fully Customized Training Plans built around your lifestyle. All plans include weekly run, strength, core and OCR specific training highlighted by:

– Grip Intensive Work using FitBar Strong product line.
– Dynamic Strength Exercises
– Agility and Speed Work
– Total Body Strength Exercises
– Running Interval Workouts
– Obstacle Simulation Workouts
– Hill and Speedwork
– CORE Exercises
– Stretch & Recovery Protocols
– Plans delivered through online training platform


One on One Sessions
Group Training & Race Day Simulation


Heather is the 2016 Spartan Masters World Champion and was voted the 2017 & 2018 Masters “Athlete of the Year”.  She has 20 years of experience developing athletes and holds over twelve certifications including SGX Level I & II.  You can usually find her racing in the Elite Division, cheering on fellow OCR athletes and coaching SGX Specialty Classes.


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