Leadman 125 Triathlon

I had the pleasure and honor of scheduling 5 time Ironman Champion, Heather Gollnick, to speak on behalf of Las Vegas Cyclery.  Heather graciously agreed to speak just a few days before the epic Leadman 125 Triathlon in Las Vegas.  I know how hectic it can be, preparing for a race, travel, adjusting to a different time zone, and still being focused on having the best race possible.  Heather proceeded with the grace and sparkle of a true Champion.  She spoke to a group of over 20 triathletes, and made it a point to make each and every one feel like a long lost friend.  Heather has the dynamic and gracious personality that one can only wish for.

I met Heather in March of 2004, right before the start of my first triathlon.  I remember she took the time to talk with me, and calm my many fears as a new triathlete.  It’s so refreshing to see that Heather has remained that same gracious and humble Champion that I remembered from 8 years ago.  It truly was a pleasure to host such an amazing person and triathlete!

~ Randy Parr