I can’t say enough wonderful things about Heather and her coaching. I chose Heather and Ironedge Coaching because I admire her for her strength, talent and personality. I started training with her for OCR in March of 2020. With races being cancelled, it gave her time to develop my training to get a good running base, increase my running speed and also get my grip stronger and centered around OCR. Within 8-10 months of consistent training, I podiumed twice at the Pro level and twice in Age Group at Savage Races. After a few weeks off, we are now building back my base and speed so that I can continue to reach my goals of getting on that Pro and Elite podium. Heather is always available to chat and text to check-in and see how I am doing and feeling so that training can be adjusted if needed or if I’m ready to push harder. I just love working with Heather!

~ Jess

Working with Heather Gollnick has been an absolute game changer. I came to her with years of experience, and yet I saw immediate results within my first months of training. Her optimistic attitude is contagious and her wisdom from her personal career is priceless. What I value the most from Coach Gollnick, is that she is always my greatest support when it comes to the mental aspect of training. I’ve had breakthroughs mentally that I wouldn’t have believed to have carried over into my physical performances. This is just a glimpse at what it’s like to be coached by Heather Gollnick!

~ Maria

Heather Gollnick- 5-time Iron Man champion, outstanding athlete, fitness guru, and mom. During each session we embark on one of her amazing (and killer!) training regimens. In the course of just a month, I have so much more energy, and I feel great, so confident! Her expertise makes Heather perfect for anyone, not to mention all her enthusiasm and words of encouragement.

~ Kira, Steamboat Springs High School Tennis #1 Singles