I can’t say enough wonderful things about Heather and her coaching. I chose Heather and Ironedge Coaching because I admire her for her strength, talent and personality. I started training with her for OCR in March of 2020. With races being cancelled, it gave her time to develop my training to get a good running base, increase my running speed and also get my grip stronger and centered around OCR. Within 8-10 months of consistent training, I podiumed twice at the Pro level and twice in Age Group at Savage Races. After a few weeks off, we are now building back my base and speed so that I can continue to reach my goals of getting on that Pro and Elite podium. Heather is always available to chat and text to check-in and see how I am doing and feeling so that training can be adjusted if needed or if I’m ready to push harder. I just love working with Heather!

~ Jess

Working with Heather Gollnick has been an absolute game changer. I came to her with years of experience, and yet I saw immediate results within my first months of training. Her optimistic attitude is contagious and her wisdom from her personal career is priceless. What I value the most from Coach Gollnick, is that she is always my greatest support when it comes to the mental aspect of training. I’ve had breakthroughs mentally that I wouldn’t have believed to have carried over into my physical performances. This is just a glimpse at what it’s like to be coached by Heather Gollnick!

~ Maria

Heather Gollnick
Heather Gollnick

I wanted to say how great it was to have Heather present to the Colorado Springs Pikes Peak Triathlon club. The meeting was very informative and a whole lot of fun. Heather did a great job sharing her story. It was motivating to hear her story and to be inspired to push our own training a bit harder. Our club was very appreciative of Heather and the time she spent with everyone. She was a great encouragement to our members and everyone had a memorable evening. Heather has a very positive presentation style and is very engaging and it was a treat to have her talk with our tri club. I’m hoping that when she is in town she will once again bless us with her presence. It was an awesome night and a true pleasure ! 

Heather Gollnick- 5-time Iron Man champion, outstanding athlete, fitness guru, and mom. During each session we embark on one of her amazing (and killer!) training regimens. In the course of just a month, I have so much more energy, and I feel great, so confident! Her expertise makes Heather perfect for anyone, not to mention all her enthusiasm and words of encouragement.

~ Kira, Steamboat Springs High School Tennis #1 Singles

I had the pleasure and honor of scheduling 5 time Ironman Champion, Heather Gollnick, to speak on behalf of Las Vegas Cyclery. Heather graciously agreed to speak just a few days before the epic Leadman 125 Triathlon in Las Vegas. I know how hectic it can be, preparing for a race, travel, adjusting to a different time zone, and still being focused on having the best race possible. Heather proceeded with the grace and sparkle of a true Champion. She spoke to a group of over 20 triathletes, and made it a point to make each and every one feel like a long lost friend. Heather has the dynamic and gracious personality that one can only wish for.

What a difference a season makes! After three summers of training myself for Olympic distance triathlons, I decided to take the next step and start training with Heather and the IronEdge team. In one season, I had 3 PRs and have fallen in love with triathlon all over again. Heather has been able to improve all aspects of my race. I would recommend training with Heather for any athlete level, from beginners to elite. In the IronEdge team, I found a group of positive people of all abilities who supported each other like family.